Our goal at Outstanding Possibilities Revealed is to help developmentally and physically disabled persons to find and sustain gainful employment. We provide services that promote independent living so as to decrease the chances of institutionalization or admission in a care facility.

We find hope in the most unlikely places and we find strength in physically and developmentally limited individuals. We believe that all of us have a right to work which is why we provide all the necessary support and administrative backing for disabled persons to prepare for work, find employment and manage their disability.

Here are the services that we offer:

  • Customized Employment
    • Application Skills
    • Resume Preparation
    • Mock Interviews
    • Work Adjustment Training
    • Job Development
    • Job Retention/Onsite support
    • Development of Reasonable Accommodations
  • Workshops & Training
    • Resume Writing & Application Skills
    • Interview Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Work place Grooming
    • Travel Training
    • Time Management
    • Job Retention & Work Place Etiquette
  • Consulting
    • Strategic Planning
    • Managing systems on client caseload
    • Program Planning
    • Leadership Team Development
    • Staff and Client Grooming
    • Training on how to develop successful business contacts/relationships
    • Development of Strategic Plans
  • Job Readiness Program
  • Transitional Youth Services

We collaborate with both private companies and community organizations to fulfill our goals at Outstanding Possibilities Revealed. If your company wishes to hire staff through our network, please fill out our job order form. We will assist you in the recruitment and placement process.