About Us

imageOutstanding Possibilities Revealed (OPR) is a community based organization providing Supported Employment and Employment Readiness services to individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities as well as transitional youth. Our goal is to assist individuals to navigate barriers to prepare, obtain and retain competitive employment in the community.

Outstanding Possibilities Revealed works with private sector and government employers to hire people with disabilities for professional careers, such as health care, business services, retail, maintenance, food services and many others.

At OPR, we believe that you are invaluable. You have something unique to offer our community. We are eager to be of service to you in discovering what it is, making it a reality, and providing you with the necessary support to thrive in the autonomy you deserve.

We are not about ticking boxes. We are deeply interested in you, your passions, dreams and desires.
We are determined to see you achieve your optimum potential and your life transformed.

We believe that every person is uniquely created to profoundly impact our community, irrespective of their disability. The reason for our existence is to change the various misconceptions about hiring people with disabilities.

We are here to make a difference in your life by helping you discover how Outstanding Possibilities are Revealed in YOU.

Our Core Values:

  • Respect: We believe in the intrinsic and unique value of each person and treat individuals accordingly.
  • Excellence: In all we do, we work with a spirit of excellence to achieve the highest standards of outcome.
  • Ethics: We strive to work in all integrity, without compromising our belief.
  • Encouragement: We are committed to spurring each client on to achieve their highest potential.
  • Accountability – As an organization, we take full responsibility for our actions and are accountable to clients.
  • Commitment: We have a strong commitment to achieving each personalized client’s outcome.
  • Innovation: We go beyond the limits of what has previously been seen as possible. – Pursuing new creative and innovative ideas to change our world.
  • Partnership: We believe in mutual participation in the achievement of the vision agreed upon knowing that team work is a catalyst that yields excellence from our shared strengths.